One of the World's Deepest Secret AREA 51

deep secret of area 51
deep secret of area 51
I think all of know about AREA 51....
You may heard a lot of wired news, articles and stuff about AREA 51 in you past. But did you ever wondered why every one talking about AREA 51 and why the place is restricted ?
AREA 51 lies in the Nevada Desert, it' a CIA secret, giant desert base that remain unacknowledged & disavowed by the U.S government for almost 60 years.

In august 2013, the CIA finally admitted that this place is real. It's a U.S air force military facility and it's highly restricted area.
No one knows what takes place behind that perimeter apart from people inside area 51. There is also the most restricted air space on the planet just above Area 51. But why U.S governments trying so hard to keep humans out of that area?
Every one came to know the truth in August 2013 . According to the report by the CIA , Area 51 was created to test a top secret aircraft project, code named "AQUATONE" . It was only the purpose to create Area 51 in 1955 and the air craft mission was to spy the Soviet Union when Russia bragged of its nuclear power. 
It was the one of world's deepest secrets. But people made a lot of stories on it. Also who knows whats the truth is there behind creation of AREA 51?

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